Who Wore It Best: "Guilty Parties Outrageous" Army Jacket Edition

This week’s “Who Wore It Best” is the “Guilty Parties Outrageous Army Jacket” edition! No, that’s not what the jacket is actually called, and we don’t know what it means, either. “Guilty Parties Outrageous” is just the nonsensical phrase printed prominently on the front of this popular army jacket by local clothing label Lewitt. 

It may look like any other military-inspired jacket, but for the past season, it’s actually been the go-to item for any celebrity who requires maximum functionality and style, the latter being in the form of tough and chic! Ha Ji Won wore it as stunt double Gil Ra Im in “Secret Garden”, and Soo Ae donned it as black agent Yoon Hye In in “Athena”. Please note that both of these characters kicked some serious rear ends in their respective dramas! In real life, the jacket has been worn by Sung Yuri, Hong Soo Ah, and a slew of girl group members, including After School’s Nana, Kara’s Ji Young, and Brown-Eyed Girls’ Ga In. Is that all? Well, no — check out the end of the article for a surprise appearance! And make sure to answer the question: Who wore it best?

Ha Ji Won (as Gil Ra Im)

Soo Ae (as Yoon Hye In)

Sung Yuri

Hong Soo Ah

After School’s Nana

Kara’s Ji Young

Brown-Eyed Girls’ Ga In

G-Dragon ^__^

So, who wore it best: Ha Ji Won, Soo Ae, Sung Yuri, Hong Soo Ah, Nana, Jiyoung, Ga In, or G-Dragon?

Source and Credit: suejinners@soompi, Newsen, lewitt.co.kr, dramabeans