Analysis of the Ambitious Femme Fatales of Korean Dramas [part 2]

This is the second story of this five part series on Femme Fatales.

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Part 1:

Kim In Sook (Yeom Jung Ah) of MBC’s Royal Family

She’s the devil with the heart of an angel. While she’s the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family, Kim In Sook lacks the impressive familial background most daughter-in-laws of chaebols have. As a result, most of her in-laws neglected her and called her “K” rather than by her name. It’s unimaginable how she could have endured such scorn and disdain. To some she’s an angel, to others she’s “Mother Theresa.” However, once her mother-in-law tries to kick her out of the family after her husband’s death, In Sook shows her true colors and shakes the company whole.

 Secrecy rating ★★★★☆

Her real name is Kim In Sook; but she also goes by Marie, a secret name unknown to many. In Sook is full of secrecy: no one knows about her past nor her reason for sponsoring Han Ji Hoon (Ji Sung). Her secrecy can be both a weakness and a weapon.

 Connection rating ★★★★★

As the second daughter-in-law to the chaebol group JK, Kim In Sook made many appearances in community service events. Through these volunteer activities, she was able to form a broad network full of people involved in politics and the economy. Her connections serve her well as she becomes the focal point of the JK group.  

Perfect Match: Gong Soon Ho (Kim Young Ae)

Gong Soon Ho is Kim In Sook’s cold-hearted mother-in-law who orders recently widowed In Sook to disappear from her sight. Soon Ho played the largest role in waking the sleeping devil inside In Sook as she constantly looked down on and observed In Sook’s every move during her marriage.    

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 Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

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