Asian-American Group AZIATIX to Enter US Market

A new group has entered the radar of Asian entertainment. AZIATIX is a group and music label that officially launched on March 23rd. Having released a teaser of their single “GO” on March 21st, the Asian-American band is ready to make their debut in America. They will release the full single on iTunes on March 28th. Check out their official website!

The music label AZIATIX was launched under famed producer Jae Chong who recently worked with JYJ on their English album “The Beginning.” Under the label itself is the group AZIATIX which consists of three talented Korean-American men, all of whom have extensive experience with the music industry. These three artists are Nicky Lee, Eddie Shin, and FLOWSIK. Let’s take a closer look at the faces behind the music!

Nicky Lee (also known as Li Jiu Zhe) is a ethnically Korean, and a musician and actor in Taiwan. The California-native began his career with an album in South Korea, but soon joined MACHI Entertainment in Taiwan. Since then, Lee has released five albums, and won the Best Male Singer award at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards in 2007 for his album “I’m Your Baby.” Lee is a well-known artist in Taiwan for his R&B style.

Eddie Shin is a songwriter from Boston who studied music in New York University. He launched his solo career in 2005 with an album in Korea under Cube Entertainment. Following his debut, Eddie focused on pop, R&B, and ballads, and released three singles with the most recent one in 2009. Since then, he has gone under the radar only to have resurfaced now with AZIATIX. Eddie has also written and composed songs for Lyn, Ivy, Wheesung, and Soulstar. I highly suggest you check out “Over,” his single from 2009 which he wrote and composed.

FLOWSIK (Jay Pak) is a rapper, songwriter, and producer from Queens, New York. Recognized as “one of the best rappers” by Jae Chong, FLOWSIK has collaborated with numerous rappers and hip-hop artists including J.Reyez, Ice-T, and Decipher. He also worked with JYJ on their English album, and was featured in Micky Yoochun’s solo track “I Love You.” In an interview with ClubZen, the artist acknowledged that “Asian Americans do not have a solid foundation in this entertainment world here in America.” Yet hopeful with a determined outlook, he stated “this is the chosen generation to make that move, and I will be one of the many that will revolutionize the game.”

Jae Chong is a Korean-American songwriter and composer based in Irvine, California. He holds an impressive work history with many famous artists across Asian including Coco Lee, Vanness Wu, BoA, Kim Gun Mo, Uhm Jung Hwa, JYJ, TENSION, Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, and many more! AZIATIX is Chong’s second venture in creating an independent music label. He is the founder of MACHI Entertainment, the first Taiwanese hip-hop entertainment company that gave way to many successful acts, including Nicky Lee.

Recognizing the plight that Asians have with “breaking into the Western market” due to “‘language barriers,'” the songwriter aspired to create a front for Asian-Americans in Hollywood and Asia. Utilizing the musical talent and language skills of Nicky Lee, Eddie Shin, and Flowsik, Chong has arrived at AZIATIX, a dream project of his to have a “music company geared towards the worldwide market.” Watch out America! AZIATIX is ready to show the world the effort and potential of Asian-American artists.

Be sure to check out AZIATIX on Facebook for updates! Also catch their full track “GO” on iTunes on March 28th! Their mini-album will drop in mid-April, followed by Eddie and Nicky’s albums soon after.

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