Analysis of the Ambitious Femme Fatales of Korean Dramas [part 5]

This is the last story of this five part series on Femme Fatales!

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Yoon Baekhee (Ham Eun Jung) of KBS’s Dream High

At the start of the drama, Baekhee was considered Ko Hyemi’s “ppa” (an abbreviation for sserraeppa). Sseraeppa means slippers in Korean, and the nickname indicates how Baekhee was viewed as Hyemi’s personal assistant – wherever Hyemi goes, Baehee goes. Initially, Baekhee had no future dreams nor was she aware of her talent for singing; her only joy lay in following Hyemi around. However, after hearing Hyemi call her “third rate” during a school audition, Baehee decides to take action and plans her payback. In order to surpass Hyemi, she ends up plagiarizing and sabotaging her friends. Fortunately, Baekhee returns to her kind self once she realizes what she has become.

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi