New Albums And Singles Preview - 2011 March Week 4

Kim Tae Woo Vol. 2 – T-School (March 29)


01 Through Music
02 Brothers and Me (With Park Jin Young/Bi)
03 Echo
04 Does This Make Sense (With Suho)
05 Before It’s Too Late
06 Because Rain Falls
07 Wings That Are You
08 Today Six Years Ago (With Lyn)
09 Just Smile (With Mighty Mouth)
10 Echo INST
11 Wish Only You Heard (Hidden Track)

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Kim Tae Woo, who has released one of the top songs in 2009, “Love Rain,” has returned after a year and six months with his long awaited second full-length album, “T-School.” The singer joins hands with some of Korea’s top musicians including producer JYP, world star Bi, Lyn, Mighty Mouth, and composer Lee Hyun Seung. The title track is “Echo,” a refreshing number listeners can listen to with ease. Composed by the Kim Tae Woo and Lee Hyun Seung combo, this song has a charming melody line. Also included in the album is “Brothers and Me,” a groovy, yet simple number featuring JYP and Bi. The song holds positive lyrics about not having to be envious of anything because they have one another. Through the song and music video, fans can see the friendship between the three artists. There are two versions to this album – silver and gold editions. There are only 10,000 copies of the limited gold edition which has an additional hidden track, “Wish Only You Heard” dedicated to fans of Kim Tae Woo.


U-Kiss mini-album Vol. 5 – Bran New Kiss (March 30)


01 It’s Time (Intro)
02 0330
03 Words That Hurt Me…
04 Every Day
05 I Don’t Understand
06 Miracle

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U-Kiss returns this month with their fifth mini-album, “Bran New Kiss” with two new members, AJ and Hoon. In contrast to their past hit songs, “Am I That Easy,” “Round and Round” and “Shut Up” which showcased the boy’s strong and manly sides, the songs in the new album are expected to accentuate their gentle sides. There are a total of six new tracks, with the title track being “0330.” The song is composed and penned by Kim Tae Hyun and is of the sad hip-hop genre. The piano arrangements and lyrical melody line are expected to leave an impression on listeners. U-Kiss member, AJ also took part in writing the lyrics, catching people’s eyes. Also included in the album are “It’s Time,” “I Don’t Understand,” and “Miracle,” all of which were composed by Paran’s P.O who wrote the songs under the pen name SWIN. The last two songs, “Every Day” and “Words That Hurt Me” were written by the C-Luv and No Hyuni combo and Kim Tae Hyun, respectively. Members AJ and Dongho also took part in penning the latter song.


Yangpa – Elegy Nouveau (March 31)


01 Wish It Was You
02 It Hurts

03 That Person At That Time
04 Bon Appetit feat. Beast Yoon Do Jun
05 Friend
06 Wish It Was You INST
07 It Hurts INST
08 That Person At That Time
09 Bon Appetit INST
10 Friend INST

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Veteran singer, Yangpa joins hands with composer Kim Do Hun for this upcoming mini-album, “Elegy Nouveau.” The album consists of five new songs and their respective instrumentals. The title track is “It Hurts,” a pop ballad in minor key composed by Kim Do Hun and penned by Wheesung. The piano and string sounds harmonize well in this song about a woman unable to let go of her feelings for her past lover. Yangpa does a great job depicting this sad tale through her emotional vocals. Also included in this album are medium-tempo number “Wish It Was You” which is perfect for the spring season, “Bon Appetit” which features Beast’s Yoon Do Jun, “That Person At That Time” which meshes swing, rock, and jazz elements together, and ballad number, “Friend.” Yangpa composed tracks three and four (“That Person At That Time” and “Bon Appetit”) of her album and took part in penning the lyrics to three songs (“Wish It Was You,” “That Person At That Time,” and “Bon Appetit”).


Younha (single) – It’s Beautiful (released)


01 It’s Beautiful
02 It’s Beautiful INST

Singer songwriter Younha transforms into a romantic for her new single, “It’s Beautiful.” The song will be used for the cosmetic brand, Laneige’s “Be Waterful” campaign. Younha was chosen to sing because Laneige felt that her pure and clear voice fit perfectly with the brand’s image. “It’s Beautiful” has a modern rock and pop touch that brings out the romantic mood of the song. The song was composed by Mad Soul Child’s team who sang the theme song, “Dear” for blockbuster movie, “The Man From Nowhere.”


Lim Jung Hee (single) – Royal Family OST Part 3 (released)

01 If I Turn Back the Time
02 If I Turn Back the Time INST

Lee Jung Hee participates in part three of the soundtrack for the hit drama series, “Royal Family” following other top artists Kan Jong Wook and Jang Hye Jin. The song is called “If I Turn Back the Time,” a Park Kyung Don production. The lyrical melody and Lim’s emotional vocals tie in well. “If I Turn Back the Time” will be used as the love theme song for the various characters in the drama series.


Other Releases:

A-Team – Soo Project (released)
Smile, Mom OST (released)
Flames of Ambition OST (March 29)
Vasco – Vol. 3 (March 29)
Munk – Dawn (March 29)
Maypop – Spring (March 29)
Clover – Classic Over (March 31)


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