Recap: We Got Married Season 2 Episode 74

Episode Recap: We Got Married Season 2 Episode 74

(If any of you were reading my recaps T_T, you’ll notice that they haven’t been consistent, I apologize for that first hand (- -) (_ _) (- -), BUT! We interviewed the photographer that did the wedding shoot.. Stay tuned for that! (^_~)

This episode of We Got Married started off with Yonghwa giving a CNBlue Japanese album to Seohyun. Seohyun asked whether Yonghwa had worn the scarf that she knitted, and Yonghwa started acting sorry. Yonghwa said that he had left the scarf in Japan, then on the 1:1 interview Yonghwa explained that he thinks he lost it (>_<;). Seohyun began to pout and on her 1:1 interview she explained that Yonghwa had asked her once to send a picture of her making the scarf.

She thought it was because Yonghwa was so thankful, but in reality it was probably because he had lost it and wanted a picture in order to find it.

Seohyun began to pout and scream while Yonghwa was pleading for his forgiveness. Seohyun was clearly upset and even asked Yonghwa to knit her a scarf. In order to switch the topic, Seohyun began to touch the album that he gave her.

Yonghwa coughed and Seohyun asked him if he was sick. He acknowledged that he was a little sick and Seohyun said that the reason was because he hadn’t worn the scarf.

Yonghwa got an idea to alleviate the situation and he brought out the “Banmal Song” album but he didn’t’ succeed in changing the topic. Someone rang the door and it was a delivery (Their wedding photo album and a wedding photo with a frame to boot! ^0^).

They perused through the album then they set up the photos in their house. Afterwards, Yonghwa began to take pictures of the album with his cell phone and sent picture texts.

Then they both began to call their friends to talk about the pictures.

Then in order to make Seohyun feel better (Bribe her @_@) Yonghwa suggested that they go shopping together. Seohyun agreed but she was still upset (T_T).

The place that the Goguma couple ended going visiting was Myungdong (A fashion hub of South Korea). Yonghwa tried his best to make Seohyun feel better (Holding her bag, telling her to buy anything she wants).

Of course, even when Seohyun was going through clothes, Yonghwa pointed out the style of clothing that he likes. Still, Yonghwa was treating Seohyun very well (Probably because he felt so bad for losing the scarf T_T!).

Yonghwa even suggested that Seohyun should wear “tiger skin” design clothes. Seohyun exclaimed that she had never worn one before. Yonghwa suggested that Seohyun should try it on once. She tried on a jacket but she didn’t like it much.

When they passed by another “tiger skin” design Yonghwa deliberately glanced at it. Yonghwa already seemed knowledgeable about Seohyun’s style which is simple (Simple as in she likes one color clothes). Instead Yonghwa thought of buying stilettos for Seohyun but he backed out because she might run away. (There’s a Korean saying that if you buy a girl shoes, she’ll wear them and run away ^_^ kkkk;;)

Seohyun found a green coat that she liked which was kind of like a cloak.

Yonghwa kept asking Seohyun to wear weird clothing (Or at least styles that she did not like).

Seohyun was on the verge of giving up so she asked Yonghwa to pick out anything he liked. He ended up picking out a leather jacket for her and she exclaimed “Are you trying to make me into a female warrior?” (^_~) In the 1:1 interview, Yonghwa said that he really liked Seohyun in a leather jacket. He also thought that Seohyun’s style was great but she should try different style. The moment Yonghwa went to pay for the jacket he was surprised (@_@). The jacket was worth nearly $1,000 dollars (Approximately).

They went back to the green cloak that Seohyun liked. The owner exclaimed that it was a New York style coat. She also praised Yonghwa on her style. The couple left the store and Seohyun appeared very happy. Then Seohyun suddenly asked Yonghwa “Did you pay for the cloak/coat?” Yonghwa realized that he didn’t and they hurried back (-_-+). When he went back to pay the owner exclaimed, “It was my first time on TV so I also forgot about payment…” Seohyun appeared happier but as they were exiting she stopped by scarfs and asked Yonghwa to knit her one. Then Yonghwa dragged Seohyun out. (He held her hand, Oooh Skinship!)