Brian Joo Releases "Shine (On Your Heart)" MV

The music video for Brian Joo’s track “Shine (On Your Heart)” on the single “Propose” was released today.



“Shine (On Your Heart)” is the title track for the OST of an upcoming movie. This music video contains scenes and clips of behind-the-scenes filming of the movie. The scenes show a couple whose relationship may be in danger of falling apart.

Fans may be disappointed that Brian is not present in the music video, but worry not! Brian Joo is in the process of preparing for his new album that will be released in April! From his twitter, he has revealed that he has finished filming the music video for his comeback track, and a teaser has been prepared as well. It’s just a matter of time until the teaser is released.

Until then, be sure to support Brian’s new single! You can find various sites to purchase it here.

via Brian Joo Facebook, Twitter