Goguma Fans Speak Your Mind!!

Hello Goguma Fans and also people that like to read about our adorable Sweet Potato couple. I have been recently writing up recaps on and off depending on the time I had allocated. Currently we as a team are working on the interview with the photographer for the wedding photo-shoot as I have relayed in my previous recap.

I had a Jerry McGuire moment last night and I tried to put myself in your shoes. I have seen on the fan clubs/forums the large amount of positive energy surrounding the Goguma couple on this website. So I have two ideas for you guys, and would like to hear your input.

(Well honestly, the first idea isn’t really an idea it’s a treat �de09

Number 1: we have (for sure) the chance to interview the main PD for “We Got Married.” If you’d like to post questions that you want to ask on here, go ahead! Also if somebody wants to organize it on the forums that would be great too!

(Just FYI, the PD specifically asked us not to give questions about what Yonghwa or Seohyun are really going through emotionally, because he doesn’t know 100% either ^^;)

Also, regarding asking the Goguma couple questions (as in specifically Seohyun and Yonghwa), we are getting delayed because both individuals are busier now with their schedules (T_T).

 Now to Point Number 2: Because I know you guys dearly love the Goguma couple, I had the idea of recapping the episodes from Day 1, when Yonghwa first met Seohyun. After I finish up on the most recent shows, I’d like to go back and recap the episodes (trying out different styles) and keep you connecting and interacting with each other. So really, it’s not the end of the journey but just the beginning, and hopefully something that is everlasting. (MUHAHAHAHAHA)

Anyways, tell me what you guys think, if I get more than 10 comments with people who wouldn’t mind seeing the older episode recaps, I’m all for it. (P.S: Don’t Forget to Post questions you’d like to ask the PD!)