Crown J: "I’m Good" MV Appears On

Crown J (Real name Kim Kye Hoon, 32) has appeared on the front of an international hip hop website for the first time as an Asian based musician. On March 31st, the music video for Crown J’s single “I’m Good” was released on the mainpage of Crown J travelled to Atlanta on March 2009 (which is considered the “Southern Hip Hop Mecca”) in order to prepare for his American Debut. Flyboy Entertainment which is Crown J’s talent agency has said, “ has praised Crown J’s song and music video for being fresh and unique.”

Young Dro and Masika Kayla appear in the music video, and Flyboy Entertainment has said, “We believe that with Young Dro and Masika Kayla was a big help, it was all possible because of Crown J’s hard work building relations for two years in the U.S.”

Young Dro is a rapper that is under “Grand Hustle” which also has big-time rapper T.I. Masika Kayla has worked with Lil Wayne before and is well known as a “Hip Hop Honey” (A hip hop music video model).