The premiere of the movie “Suicide Forecast” was held on March 31 at a CGV Theater in Seoul. The movie stars the acclaimed singer Younha, making her Korean acting debut, and acclaimed actor Ryu Seung Bum. Ryu portrays an ex-pro baseball player who now works at an insurance company, while Younha sticks to what she knows, playing a girl who hopes to become a singer. “Suicide Forecast” constitutes Younha’s Korean acting debut, but she’s no stranger to the big screen — she has already acted in two Japanese movies. 

(Note about the name: we’re a little confused ourselves, but we think “Suicide Forecast” is also known as “Suspicious Customers” and was formerly known as “Life Is Beautiful”, not to be confused with the 2010 Korean drama of the same name, or the 1997 Oscar-winning Italian film.) 

The premiere was attended by the film’s stars, including Younha, Ryu Seung Bum, Jung Sun Kyung, Park Chul Min, Seo Ji Hye, and Lim Joo Hwan. Also in attendance were Song Joong Ki, Go Joon Hee, Eugene, Jang Hee Jin, Seo Ji Suk, Park Hye Kyung, Park Sung Woong, Jung Sun Kyung, and Shin Eun Jung.


Ryu Seung Bum

Song Joong Ki

Seo Ji Hye

Seo Ji Suk

Go Joon Hee

Lim Joo Hwan


Jang Hee Jin

Park Hye Kyung

Park Sung Woong and Shin Eun Jung

Park Chul Min

Jung Sun Kyung

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