Super Star K’s Jang Jae In Releases First Single Album

01 That Place [Listen]
02 Scenery [Listen]

Singer songwriter Jang Jae In, best known for placing top three in season two of popular reality show, “Super Star K” releases her first solo single, “Early Days” today. There are two songs in this album, “That Place” and “Scenery,” both of which were composed and penned by the singer herself during her high school years.

The song “That Place” which was first revealed on Super Star K’s preliminary episodes, has garnered many fans’ interests in particular. With the help of producer Kim Hyung Suk, the song gives off a modern rock feel with impressionable guitar sounds. “Scenery” on the other hand is of the folk genre and holds beautiful lyrics.

Jang Jae In seems to have a bright future ahead as she has already been quite active in Hongdae’s underground music scene. Check out her live performances below!

That Place LIVE

Scenery LIVE

Source: Naver music & YouTube