Hwang Jung Eum’s MBC Drama “Can You Hear My Heart?” Press Conference

The greedy chaebol families are gone and the “silly” are here. It’s still about the family. But the family members are unordinary. Bong Young Kyu (played by Jung Bo Suk) is a mentally retarded father with a seven year old’s IQ. Na Mi Sook (played by Kim Yeo Jin) is a hearing-impaired mother. The innocent and lively daughter Bong Woo Ri (played Hwang Jung Eum) continues to nurse her stepfather even after her mother’s death. Being so innocent and unordinary, these “silly” people are as honest and sincere as little kids.

Unlike the intense and rough dramas of late, MBC drama “Can You Hear My Heart?”, first airing on Apr. 2nd, brings up instinctive innocence to the highest possible level. Written by Moon Hee Jung, scriptwriter of SBS drama “Smile, You,” and directed by Kim Sang Ho, producer of MBC drama “Fantastic Couple” and MBC drama “Soul,” “Can You Hear My Heart?” is a drama about mutual understanding and communication.

Following the success of MBC sitcom “High Kick Through the Roof,” Hwang Jung Eum has also received positive reviews for her traditional character in SBS drama “Giant.” The Bong Woo Ri character in “Can You Hear My Heart?” is Hwang Jung Eum’s first leading drama role, so it will be a “strict testing ground” for her. The younger version of her will be played by Kim Sae Ron, the impressive little girl from 2010 film “Ahjussi (The Man from Nowhere).” Asked if she feels more pressure, Hwang confidently replies, “It’s better to have a qualified child actress than an amateur one.”

Kim Jae Won, who is still known for his “killer smile” and “flowery pretty boy” image, got casted one week after finishing his mandatory military service. He plays a second generation chaebol Cha Dong Joo in “Can You Hear My Heart?” Hwang Jung Eum reportedly shed tears just reading the synopsis of the drama, and Kim Jae Won said he was totally impressed by the script. “Can You Hear My Heart?” is expected to be a “good-natured” drama with a good balance of melo, action, and comic elements.

Written in Korean by girlalice@soompi; Translated by eugenekim222@soompi; Photos by Lee Sang Hee (Studio V) studio_v@naver.com