Kim Tae Won, IU, and Kim Byung Man’s Hardships

Top stars are honestly telling their difficult pasts and making tears come to viewers’ eyes. The leader of Boohwal (Born Again) Kim Tae Won, who is loved as the “National Grandmother” appeared on MBC’s Golden Fishery. The rocker talked about how he started to appear on variety shows and talked about his heartbreaking family tale.

Kim Tae Won’s son suffers from Autism, and regarding this fact he said “I can’t keep trying to only protect my musical pride” and spoke about the hard times in the past. When Kim Jong Seo left Boohwal and joined Sinawe, Kim Tae Won said that he “grinded his teeth [in anger].” Yet because he was having such financial difficulties he thankfully ate all of the ramen that Kim Jong Seo had left him.

IU who is loved as the “National niece” also talked about the difficult times her family has had in the past on MBC’s “Come to Play.” She confessed, “When I could not contact my parents, I stayed at my relatives’ house.” Her relatives had said regarding IU’s dream to become a celebrity, “Before she becomes a celebrity I’ll probably be a millionaire.” IU confessed that after hearing these words she was more motivated to succeed. (To prove them wrong)

Comedian Kim Byung Man is loved for his skit “Master” on KBS’s Gag Concert. He also confessed about the difficult time he is going through because his father has dementia and his family is going through financial problems. Because of these facts Kim Byung Man said that he cannot rest any day.

These stories about top stars and the hardships they pulled through moves us but at the same time it sets a good example.