So Ji Sub & Han Hyo Joo Start Filming Movie “Only You”

Movie stars So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo got together for the first time on Mar. 31st for their upcoming film “Only You.” Produced by HB Entertainment and directed by Song Il Gon, “Only You” is a love story between Chul Min (So Ji Sub’s role), a former boxer who lives through a rough life, and Jung Hwa (Han Hyo Joo’s role), a woman who leads a happy life despite losing her eyesight. The first filming took place at a veterinary hospital in Seoul with a scene where Chul Min stares dimly at Jung Hwa’s back. So Ji Sub, dressed in a casual hoodie sweatshirt and jeans, turned into Chul Min who makes a living by delivering water and working at parking lots. Han Hyo Joo perfectly played the role of a blind person by wearing oversized eyeglasses and walking with a cane. Song Il Gon, the director of this film, has garnered much attention for his unique and emotional style in movies “Feathers” in 2004 and “The Magicians” in 2005. “Only You” is set for release this fall.

Written in Korean by songsoonjin@soompi; Translated by eugenekim222@soompi