G-Dragon "Daesung is Cash Rich"

Big Bang will appear on tonight’s episode of “Come To Play.” Daesung’s nickname is becoming a big issue as it is “Cash Rich.” During the filming of the episode Big Bang said “Whenever we need cash we look for Daesung.” During the program Seungri said that in order to survive long, capital is always an issue and a secure income is most important. Then as a question was asked about which member was the best at managing money, everyone picked Daesung.

G-Dragon said “Daesung is cash rich,” “He doesn’t even take interest!” (When someone pays him back) He even went on to say that his own mother is even envious of Daesung’s room. During the show they called Daesung and the MC’s asked a question about how to last long as singers, and Daesung joked “Do you guys [Big Bang members] even want to last long?”