Kim Tae Hee’s Older Sister Is Attractive!

Kim Tae Hee’s older sister is starting to receive attention because of her good looks.

On the MBC Special “Rediscovering Taehee” that was broadcast on April 1st, Kim Tae Hee was shown visiting her older sister’s house and enjoying herself. Kim Taehee’s older sister Kim Hee Won used to be a stewardess. Her good looks that are comparable to Kim Tae Hee are getting her attention. The picture of their trip to Italy which was shown on the show displays the sisters who are both very pretty. Kim Hee Won who is a mother of two daughters confessed, “When I was pregnant my prenatal education was praying for a daughter that looked like Kim Tae Hee. When I was a stewardess I often heard that I should instead put my uniform on Tae Hee and send her out.” Netizens have commented “Kim Tae Hee’s older sister was probably very popular when she was a secretary,” “She is attractive enough to be a celebrity.”