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“Stupid Liar”
Written by: G.Dragon
Composed by: G.Dragon, Choi Pil-Kang
Arranged: Choi Pil-Kang
Additional Rap written by T.O.P

Both “Stupid Liar” and “Tonight” were considered to be the top two choices for the Big Bang Mini 4 album as the title track.  “Tonight” was a better fit as these three additional tracks can be considered to be more like love songs and not the upbeat featured in many of the tracks on the mini album.   

The start to “Stupid Liar” is exactly as it was featured in the teaser which YG Entertainment released. An enticing pop/rock beat with musical qualities that reminded me of the Timbaland and Katie Perry song “If We Ever Meet Again.” 


Just as GD finishes saying “Liar, liar liar, la. . .” the beat changes and GD starts to repeat “how could you be so, how could you be so. . .” followed by him breaking into a rap set more like his original style but still toned down.  Dae Sung contributed again with his powerful vocals while TOP rapped with his distinctive sound and beat.  The background music was blessed with Tae Yang’s vocals shining through like what is heard in his song “Look at Me.”  Seungri’s role was not so focused but blended in more with the rest of the group.  His vocals were very much mixed together with Tae Yang’s which made it difficult to hear the distinction between the two.     

Of the three songs which I listened to “Stupid Liar” was my favorite.  It is obvious why this song was also considered to be the title track on the Mini 4 album.  With the addition of these three songs you can say that the album is now complete.  We have a range of upbeat, mid beat and slow beat songs to feed our fire when we need it and tone it to a passionate level when we reminisce, the complete package.  Like “Love Song” this track is different than their others but they do it so well that you just want to hear more of their artistic variations.

“Baby Don’t Cry”
Written by: E. Knock
Composed by: E. Knock
Arranged: E. Knock

The third and last new track of this album, “Baby Don’t Cry,” is Dae Sung’s first-ever solo track included in any of Big Bang’s official albums. Many of you are probably familiar with this track as he gave a solo performance of this song at the “Big Bang Big Show” concert last February. The song has a slow tempo and a simple beat, with a soft rock flavor to it, which is sort of reminiscent of the 90’s pop style. Dae Sung repeats “Baby Don’t Cry” throughout the song with his impressively beautiful yet melancholy voice. The more you listen to Dae Sung’s voice, you realize how talented this young man is, as he showcases his strong and powerful vocal range to the fullest.

I personally think Dae Sung has the most unique and attractive vocals among all Big Bang members. It has a mysterious but pure feel to it and his vocal strength is just off the hook. The song reminded me of “Every Breath You Take” by Sting & the Police, but its downbeat tone and moody lyrics also brought to mind “Purple Rain” by Prince. The song overall has a very simple beat but Dae Sung does a superb job turning it into a masterpiece with his deep and dynamic vocal cords. Throughout the song, he repeats the phrase, “Baby don’t cry, just give me your smile,” and this song is definitely going to put a smile to anyone’s face.

The wrap up:

The toned down vocals and upbeat musical instrumentals in “Tonight” and “Hands Up” are virtually nonexistent as they approach these songs with more passion.  The love themed songs have a certain tone to them which incorporate a pop/rock style.  The most enjoyable part which is noticeable in all the songs is the powerful presence of Dae Sung.  He doesn’t have a solo album yet but if this was any indication I hope he is in the studio already recording.  Dae Sung’s vocal parts in “Stupid Liar” made him shine, but this does not take away from the other group members as they sang very well too, but it seemed the focus was on Dae Sung.

Well let’s hope that YG Entertainment has another set of unreleased tracks that they want to add to the Big Bang collections because these three showed us so much more of what Big Bang is capable of doing.  Bravo!

Here is the link to part 1: http://bit.ly/ejKvHx

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