Eat Your Kimchi Reviews 4minute’s "Heart to Heart"

This week on K-Pop Music Monday, Eat Your Kimchi reviews 4minute’s “Heart to Heart” MV, in which the 4minute girls exact sweet revenge on the most gullible guy in Korea (played here by CN Blue’s Jungshin).  Check out the review here:

We have to agree, it doesn’t appear that Jungshin actually necessitated a shave in that one scene.  Anyway, here’s the original MV:

Simon and Martina want to know!  Which girl group revenge scenario is more awesome: 4minute making sandwiches inedible and spiking toothpaste and shaving cream, or 2NE1 making the racecar driver in “Go Away” literally go up in flames (“FIREMURDERRRR!!!”)?  Go to Eat Your Kimchi and leave your comments there!  Not here.

Source: Eat Your Kimchi