SNSD Tae Yeon’s Strikingly Beautiful School Graduation Photos

Who said most female KPOP artists undergo plastic surgeries?! In this adorable graduation photo of Tae Yeon (see below) in her middle school uniform, the leader of SNSD looks quite similar to her beautiful self. The photo was posted today on the Tae Yeon Gallery of DC Inside by a user who claimed to have a sister who went to the same school as SNSD’s leader. “According to my sister, Tae Yeon was really nice to others. She went to Seoul to practice every weekend,” the user said under her post.


Following the release of this photo, Tae Yeon’s other graduation photos from elementary, middle, and high schools (see below) have been generating a lot of buzz too. Fan reaction is that she did change a bit over time, but her overall features have remained the same. Netizens showed their appreciation for these photos as they said, “This little kid grows up to become an SNSD member,” “Tae Yeon, ‘Top Cutie’ since childhood,” and “This is the face of SNSD!”