Big Bang Agrees to New 5-Year Contract with YGE!

Big Bang has agreed to a new five year contract with YG Entertainment (YGE) today, dispelling rumors of the group’s potential disbandment over contractual issues. This will keep Big Bang, arguably the biggest idol group in KPOP right now, under contract with YGE until 2016.

“We signed a new five year contract with Big Bang, who’s been with us since their trainee days. These guys are like family to us,” YGE said in a statement this morning. “We thank Big Bang for once again showing faith and trust to us (YGE), the agency they debuted through. And more than anything, we’re excited to have the boys remain as Big Bang and stay with the fans for a long time,” the agency added.

YGE continued, “For a lot groups, it’s the fifth year when they disband or retire due to contractual problems or conflicts with the agency, because that’s when their exclusive contracts usually end. For Big Bang, this year marks the fifth year of their contract with YGE, but we never heard any news of member discord or conflict with their agency, aside from few unfound rumors—which is a testament to the group and YGE’s strong commitment and trust with each other.”

Big Bang writes and produces most of their songs and that puts them in a category of their own, YGE said, describing the group as a “unique blend of very talented five artists who form a ‘Dream Team’ together.” Big Bang has matured as a group over the last five years and many consider them as a mix between idol groups and truly talented artists. “Big Bang has become one of the best KPOP idol groups by releasing countless hit singles over the last five years. With their new contract, we’re excited to see what type of new tracks they will come up with in the next five years,” YGE added.

Since their debut in 2006 with YGE, Big Bang has released two regular albums, four mini albums, and three single albums in total, selling nearly a million copies altogether. They also enjoy explosive popularity in Japan as they released two regular albums, two mini albums, and four singles in Japanese.

Following their fourth mini album release in February, Big Bang is set for another album launch on Apr. 8th with dual title tracks, “Stupid Liar” and “Love Song.” The new special edition album will also include Dae Sung’s first solo track, “Baby Don’t Cry.”

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