Announcing the Winners of the Soompi Logo Contest

Hi Soompiers!  Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s Soompi logo contest, and also to everyone who wished us a happy 13th anniversary!  We received about 90 really great entries via Facebook and also email.  It was extremely difficult for us to choose only three (one winner, two honorable mentions), but we finally managed!  The winner is…

Soompi 13th anniversary logo contest winner!
alicia!!  The caption accompanying this awesome logo reads: “There is no one word that can describe what Soompi has contributed ;)”  Therefore, this logo contains many words that we think describe Soompi pretty well!  alicia!’s logo will remain on the Soompi site for a week, in order to commemorate our 13th anniversary.  Congratulations, alicia!!

We also chose two honorable mentions, which are YunHe^^‘s super cute logo complete with a Daesung bear, and catsblue‘s colorful musical logo.  YunHe^^ explained, “I wanted to deliver some texture, a bit of fabric-like feeling… because I think Soompi as an online community has texture — you can feel and sense the softness & warmth of the environment that Soompi creates for its members.”  We totally get it, and we really love the result.  And we also feel that catsblue’s glowing musical logo also seems to personify Soompi.  So congratulations to these talented artists as well!

All three winners will receive prize packages consisting of some K-Pop goodies and a Soompi t-shirt!  That wraps it up for this year’s anniversary celebration, but we’ll see you next year!  Thanks again for all your love and hard work!