Cute and Lovely Sulli Teaser Released for f(x) Comeback

Following the release of Krystal and Amber’s teaser photos last week, f(x) Sulli’s teaser image for the new album was made public today by SM Entertainment. Unlike the powerful and charismatic photos of Krystal and Amber, Sulli’s teaser image accentuates her cute and lovely charm, while her ponytail and adorable smile perfectly match the pink and orange background. With their upcoming first regular album, “Pinocchio,” scheduled for release on Apr. 20th, f(x) has been posting teaser images for each member every day since Apr. 7th on their official website ( These teaser images amplifying the beauty of each member continues to grow fan anticipation for f(x)’s return. The other two members, Victoria and Luna, will have their teaser images released in the next two days, respectively.

Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; Translated by eugenekim222@soompi