“Dancing with the Stars: Korea” to Air in June

MBC will begin airing KPOP’s own version of popular celebrity dance program, “Dancing with the Stars,” from this June. “’Dancing with the Stars: Korea’ will air its first episode on June 10th following the end of ‘Great Birth,’” an official from MBC told local media. The production crew is currently in talks with celebrities from all areas, including sports, literature, and entertainment, but they haven’t decided on the final casting yet. “You will get to see celebrities you rarely see on regular variety shows,” the MBC official added.

For this show, MBC bought the rights and format to the popular British TV show, “Strictly Come Dancing.” A total of ten celebrities, each paired with a professional dance partner, will compete over 12 episodes for this show. MBC stirred a lot of controversy with its latest star audition program, “Survival: I am a Singer,” after changing the elimination process during its third episode. “Dancing with the Stars: Korea” will be MBC’s second attempt at featuring celebrities in a survival, reality show format, so it remains to be seen how the broadcaster will fare this time. MBC suspended “Survival: I am a Singer” for a month after the fourth episode and the main producer was forced to step down following the whole controversy.