[Recap] We Got Married Season 2 Episode 72

This episode was part one of the Goguma couple’s wedding photo shoot. Whenever a couple on “We Got Married” have a wedding photo shoot, which usually means the couple is going to leave the show soon. (What the photographer told me). Now of course worldwide for all women a wedding shoot is a big deal, but in South Korea wedding photos are often extravagant and in my humble opinion, overdone. I mean people drop crazy amounts of money for a wedding shoot (Which I don’t quite understand, but that’s probably why I’m a guy ;).

They got up early in the morning and began to do makeup together in preparation for the wedding shoot. Now, a word before we start to talk about the Goguma couple and their preparations. All of the places that the Goguma couple visited are located in Chung Dam Dong, which is a neighborhood where everything is overpriced and high-class (In terms of Korean prices).

The makeup place is called ‘Soon Soo” and is definitely up there with the other hair shop we had visited (We as in Soompi) called “Jenny House.”







While makeup artists were putting on makeup for Yonghwa he began to comment on the time they wereat the ski resort together and he had to put on makeup.

When Seohyun was attaching eyebrows Yonghwa was watching with amazement (It’s pretty neat usually to watch girls do makeup as a guy, C’mon it’s something we rarely ever do). They began to pick out what type of hairstyle Seohyun would go for, and Yonghwa preferred that Seohyun have her hair down (This is usually the case for Korean guys including myself *cough* we prefer that girls have their hair done straight and long).

They moved to the wedding shop in order to pick out a wedding dress for Seohyun.

This shop is also famous in Seoul for importing high end wedding dresses (Tell us if you’d like the Soompi Team to go visit and interview!)

It was time for Seohyun to try on different styles and pick out one!

Yonghwa was pretty much speechless and awed by Seohyun’s beauty.

When she was going through different dresses Yonghwa of course picked out a shiny dress. Even as a guy myself, I’m pretty sure the moment I see my wife-to-be in a wedding dress, I’ll also be awed.

As Seohyun was going through each dress, Yonghwa didn’t really make any decisions. Seohyun exclaimed in her 1:1 interview that she wanted him to help out in making a decision but he was a bit complacent. But, in defense of Yonghwa, Seohyun looked gorgeous in all of the dresses!

It was Yonghwa’s turn to try on different tuxedos. While he was trying on different ones Yonghwa wanted to stay off the pedestal while Seohyun wanted him to stay there (Because it received all of the light).

He kept on moving off the stage.

It was kind of odd considering the fact that he is so used to receiving so much attention when he is on stage performing for CN Blue. Seohyun thought it was because Yonghwa was not holding on to a guitar, but I have my own theory. DUN DUN DUN! (I’m convinced that Yonghwa truly has feelings for Seohyun! KYA >_<)

Finally it was time for them to visit the photo studio named TK Retro!

The main photographer who owns the studio is Lee Cheho (Commonly spelled Lee Jae Ho), and he is the one with a gentle voice. Check out the interview with him and also the article about his studio!

They started off by discussing the concept for the wedding photo shoot. (The photographer told us that he and his team had already watched all of the Goguma couple’s episodes in order to be prepared) Although, this type of consulting before a wedding photo shoot is fairly common. The idea of incorporating a couple’s story into the shoot is one of a kind.

Once they started to prepare for the wedding shoot, CN Blue members Jong Hyun and Jung Sun joined as guests!

Everyone was amazed with Seohyun when she came out with her dress.

The photographer began to direct Seohyun and Yonghwa. (He told us that the couple were very awkward at first and during the photo shoot, Lee Jae Ho had to talk in a cheesy way which he was very embarrassed of;;; During the interview I told him that on television he was really cool, but he thought he overdid it by saying things such as “Oh! Lovely! Ok Nice! Very Goood!”)

Supposedly both were very fun to work with during the photo shoot, but Seohyun was a bit more professional while Yonghwa was a bit more pure and innocent! (The photographer had worked frequently with Seohyun before)

Continued on Part 2 (Will Be Posted Up Tomorrow!)

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