MBLAQ Releases Japanese Debut M/V "Your Love"

MBLAQ released the music video for their Japanese debut single “Your Love” and officially kicked off promotions in Japan. “Your Love,” featuring MBLAQ’s powerful and charismatic choreography, is a retro style dance single that reflects each member’s unique charm. “’Your Love’ is a retro dance track that reminds you of Japanese idol group, ‘Arashi.’ But Mir’s Korean rap adds a different taste to the sound,” said J. Tune Camp, the management agency of MBLAQ. MBLAQ, an acronym for “Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality,” is a four member boy band created and produced by Rain and his music label, J. Tune Camp. The group is currently rescheduling their Japanese promotions following the recent Tsunami attack, But due to their relationship with world star Rain, much attention is being paid to MBLAQ, and reportedly the members are taking music and dance lessons, as well as Japanese classes to prepare for their debut performance which is scheduled for May 4th.