[Exclusive] Inside Look at Yong-Seo Couple’s Wedding Photo Studio

Much to the dismay of many fans, the newlywed Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun couple (also known as “Goguma Couple”) parted ways on MBC “We Got Married (WGM)” earlier this month. The two enjoyed unprecedented popularity for their purity and untainted love, and many would agree the two created countless unforgettable moments throughout the show—but none more impressive than the wedding shoot that took place in March. Following the wedding shoot episode, a lot of viewers inquired about the name and place of the wedding studio, perhaps not just because of the artistry and perfection of the photos, but for the owner of the studio, Lee Cheho (also spelled Lee Jaeho), who was seen in a number of other TV shows. Soompi was given a special opportunity to personally visit TK Retro, the studio where the photo shoot took place, and interview Lee Cheho (see interview here). He’s probably better known for his so-called jinx, where his appearance would always result in the withdrawal of one of the show’s main MCs (re: MC Mong on “1 Night and 2 Days” and Kim Sung Min on “Men’s Qualification”), which ironically was the case with the Yong-Seo couple too. But after personally visiting his gallery, located in the heart of Seoul’s most trendy and posh area, Apkujeong, I was able to see why he’s considered one of the top photographers in the country (again, see interview for more details). To relive the Yong-Seo couple’s adorable wedding photo shoot, Soompi is giving you an inside look at TK Retro with never-before-seen pictures of the famed atelier. We tried to place screenshots of the show (left) with actual photos of the studio (right), so have fun comparing them!

Studio’s entrance:

Bookshelf in the back:

Couch where they were sitting:

Back of the studio:

Corner where Seo Hyun’s solo shots were taken:

Entrance corner where Yong Hwa’s solo shots were taken:

Coffee table where the famous couple shot was taken:

Side of the wall where Yong Hwa’s solo shots were taken:

Studio’s white room:

Other corner where the couple shots were taken:

Same corner: