Soompi Daily Digest - Apr. 11th, 2011

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Top Stories of the Day:

1)     Recap of “We Got Married” Season 2 Episode 72 (

The season may have ended but the Goguma Couple is still in our hearts. In this episode of their wedding photo shoot, we get to see Seo Hyun’s gorgeous dress parade and Yong Hwa’s true feelings for her. Your favorite Soompi recap writer jbarky does it again with a superb recap of the Yong-Hwa couple!

2)     Inside look at Yong-Seo couple’s wedding photo studio (

Take a look inside the famed TK Retro Studio, the place where the Yong-Seo wedding photo shoot took place on WMG. Just keep in mind, you find this type of stuff only at Soompi!

3)     MV Release: “Although You Said So” by Lee Hyun Feat. Mighty Mouth (

Mighty Mouth has teamed with Lee Hyun of 8ight to produce “Although You Said So.”

4)     MC Mong cleared of avoiding military service (

MC Mong’s long trial on charges for intentionally dodging military services has finally come to an end. The verdict? Not guilty!

5)     Sung Si Kyung expresses his everlasting affection for SNSD (

Sung Si Kyung reacts in a vigorous manner to Ock Joo Hyun’s comment that she’s close to SNSD.

6)     “The Last Godfather” is in danger of ending earlier than planned in the U.S. (

“The Last Godfather,” a slapstick comedy film produced by one of Korea’s most famous comedians Shim Hyung Rae, may possibly shut down in the U.S. very soon.

7)     MBLAQ releases Japanese debut M/V “Your Love” (

How will this boy band created and produced by Rain fare in Japan?

8)     Nana and Ga In look like sisters in real life?! (

Two popular idol singers look like sisters in these photos!

9)     Actress Hong Soo Hyun to star in SBS new drama “Lie to Me” (

After a two year hiatus, actress Hong Soo Hyun is back on the small screen through SBS drama “Lie to Me,” alongside Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan.

10)  KPOP’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” to begin airing in June (

The popular “Dancing with the Stars” series is coming to Korea with Korean celebrities in sports, entertainment, and even literature! Who would you like to see the most? 

11)  Legendary producer Teddy Riley is coming to Korea! (

Teddy Riley, best known for his work with Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Usher, and Christina Aguilera (among many others), is coming to Korea to support RANIA (Regeneration Idol of Asia), produced and largely promoted by Riley himself!

12)  Single Release: “If” by Lee Hyun feat. Mighty Mouth (

Lee Hyun of 8ight and Mighty Mouth released their collaborative single “If.”

13)  F(x) Luna releases teaser for the group’s comeback (

Following Krystal, Amber, Sulli, and Victoria’s teaser photo releases, Luna unveiled her teaser for f(x)’s comeback album set for release Apr. 20th.

14) KPOP stars with legs nicknamed “superfine fiber” legs (

Who are these KPOP stars with legs nicknamed “superfine fiber” legs because they’re just so shockingly thin?? (male celebrities included!) Soompi’s very own cherryspirit at her best with yet another interesting column!  

Photo of the Day:

MC Mong breaks down in tears after being cleared of all charges for intentional military dodging

Tweeet of the Day:

“I’m hiding behind a palm tree, playing hide and seek!”Sandara Park tweets this photo of her in long hair…looking gorgeous as always.

Quote of the Day:

“I made the first cut for Big Bang’s audition with YG Entertainment. JYP called me in but I declined it to go audition for YG.” – 2AM Seul Ong on SBS “Night after Night” talking about his past experience as an aspiring singer

Release of the Day:



MBLAQ’s Japanese debut release MV “Your Love” sparks massive interest from KPOP fans

Best (or worst) Person of the Day:

MC Mong was cleared of all charges for intentionally dodging the mandatory, two year military service required of all men in Korea. Although he was found guilty for interference with a public official in the execution of his duties, hence receiving the sentence of imprinsonment for six months, probation for one year, and 120 hours of community service, MC Mong must feel pretty good for finally proving himself right!

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