[Exclusive] What do Choi Si Won, Jeon Ji Hyun, Jang Hyuk, and Jo In Sung Have in Common?

Acting coach Ahn Hyuk Mo is quite the star among celebrities. Some of the A-list actors who have been under his guidance include Jang Hyuk, Jeon Ji Hyun, Jo In Sung, Kim Sun Ah, and Ji Jin Hee. When Super Junior’s Choi Si Won was casted as the lead in SBS’s Oh! My Lady (2010), the first person he asked for help was Ahn Hyuk Mo. Whether they’re A-listers or rookie actors, most Korean actors have been influenced through Ahn’s tutelage. Rookie actress Hwang Sun Hee is Ahn’s first pupil to have graduated C.A.S.T. by iHQ (C.A.S.T.), a subdivision of Sidus HQ.

Hwang Sun Hee made a name for herself as the psychopath serial killer in SBS’s Sign; and she’s currently filming City Hunter with Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. In Sign, she played Kang Seo Yeon, the daughter of presidential candidate Kang Joong Hyuk, who murdered her ex-boyfriend Suh Yoon Hyung. Her character believed she was high enough in the social hierarchy to get away with anything – including murder.

C.A.S.T. by iHQ is an acting academy established by Sidus HQ, and Ahn Hyuk Mo currently teaches at the institution. It is there, he first met Hwang Sun Hee; and she went on to become one of his first students to have graduated the program. The two reunited at Seoul Apgujeong’s Studio V to talk with Soompi interviewers. Ahn was one of the key players in designing the acting program for CAST, and he showed deep affection to both the institution and its students.

At the beginning of the interview, Ahn Hyuk Mo stated, “Please focus more on Sun Hee.” Ahn also has over ten years of experience as the principal theater actor for the Kyeonggido Drama Company. He’s even published a book called 12 Keys to Make Your Dreams Come True based on his experiences as both an actor and acting coach. Although he has more than enough stories to tell – enough to publish a book – he wanted the attention to be on his rising pupil, Hwang Sun Hee. He described Hwang as “quiet and poised.” Ahn recalls, “She was always patient, and she got her job done. Hwang sets her goals and paces herself to achieve them.” Actors face many ups and downs in their careers, and Hwang’s steady nature will help her get through all the obstacles.

“She’s probably as anxious and nervous as any other actors, but she doesn’t let those emotions show. Instead, she’s constantly preparing herself mentally and physically; and she’s a good student at the academy. Hwang listens to her coaches and does as she’s taught.”

The C.A.S.T. program teaches its trainees a step-by-step approach to acting. It has a strong foundation that prepares its students for the real world of acting. Ahn Hyuk Mo points Hwang Sun Hee as the “result of two years of C.A.S.T.”

Actress Hwang Sun Hee stated, “Mr. Ahn is a soft and tender man who’s full of intensity and passion. While he’s benevolent, he’s also full of charisma and is passionate about his craft. He’s sharp, keen, and detail-oriented. He knows what his students need and what their weaknesses are and offers his help and insight.”

The two seemed like old friends grabbing coffee and chatting as they talked fondly about each other throughout the interview. However, their professional nature and attitude towards their profession was apparent as they posed for the camera during the photo shoot.

Written in Korean by songsoonjin@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photos by Kim Sun Tae of Studio V (studio_v@naver.com)

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