R&B Singer Bobby Kim in Danger of Being Paralyzed

R&B singer Bobby Kim fell from a four meter high staircase earlier this month, fracturing his rib and spinal bones, which in the worst case, could possibly paralyze his lower body, local media reported today. “Bobby Kim fell from the second floor of a local bar at 2AM on April 4th. He fell from a four meter high staircase and in the process fractured his rib and spinal bones,” his agency Oscar Entertainment told local media.

“He received further examination on April 8th and it showed the number five bone on his spinal cord compressed with a 2mm long bone fragment in his back, so it may require more treatment,” Oscar Entertainment said. “In the worse case, if the bone fragment touches any of his nerves his entire lower body could get paralyzed. Even without any further harm, Bobby Kim is going to need at least two months of rehab,” they added. Bobby Kim currently is the host of MBC “Wednesday Art Stage,” a popular live music show, but this news most likely means he will have to suspend all activities for at least two months, including the show. Soompi hopes for his quick recovery!