[Recap]: We Got Married Season 2 Episode 73

Recap: We Got Married Season 2 Episode 73

There were two more guests that joined the wedding photo shoot. 2AM’s Seulong and Na Yong. These two guests that came as friends to the photo shoots are called “Deul Leu Ri” (maid of honor, bridesmaid, best man, sidekick) in Korea. These friends are supposed to try and make the otherwise awkward environment more fun and easygoing (Also, trying to make the new couple become more relaxed).

They brought pizza to eat together, and by the looks of how bright the studio is it seems like they were having lunch together.

Selong and Na Yong were trying to push the couple to kiss. Exclaiming that if they had been together nearly for a year they should probably kiss. All of the other guests/friends were teasing Yonghwa and Seohyun (A common task for friends when they are with couples, haha I am usually a culprit -_-!).

The other interesting fact is the interaction between the Goguma couple and their friends, because of course they are a not a real couple yet they are all acting together (As if they were a real couple) and having fun. Imagine all your friends either drunk or hyped up and screaming at you and your significant other screaming “KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS!” That’s what “Deul Leu Ri” is for.

Once the photo session began again, all of the friends began to leave. Seohyun sat down on the ground while they both held instruments. I think it was a great choice to use this photographer in order to sum up the Goguma couple’s past together and make it into a beautiful photo album.

They were showing flashbacks of Yonghwa teaching Seohyun to play the guitar, and when Yonghwa was putting Seohyun’s ring on her finger, they played the fishing flashback.

As a nostalgic guy myself, I liked to see the connection between photos and subsequent flashbacks. Because regardless of what the Goguma couple feels for each other, they now will have a memory book together.

They moved on to the next scene where they had to kiss! Yonghwa would kiss Seohyun on the forehead. Yonghwa says in his 1:1 interview that he was reluctant to kiss Seohyun on the forehead because she had never kissed a guy before.

However, I don’t really believe what he says. Honestly taking into consideration that Yonghwa is a Busan guy and also that he is a bit reluctant, it appears that he really does indeed have feelings for Seohyun. It might be a bit hard to understand but usually when Korean guys are reluctant to do any kind of skin ship with a girl if they are not “really” going out it’s usually because the guy has true feelings for the girl. (Haha, only saying this because I’m kinda like that �de09

After successfully finishing the forehead kiss scene, which I honestly don’t know what the fuss was all about, because it was just a smooch on the forehead and not a real kiss, and now I am going to end this run-on sentence with a har har. They took a picture as a goguma concept, with actual sweet potatoes inside of a basket in a bicycle. They then took some close up pictures, where they were slightly hugging, Yonghwa lifting Seohyun up etc.

The next part was the “Choding” (Elementary school) concept. This whole concept was planned by Seohyun and she was definitely enjoying herself. Yonghwa looked pretty embarrassed and I feel him, his hairdo was all funky while Seohyun looked adorable in her clothes.

On their school desks there were two recorders (English Flutes) and they began to have a recorder battle. The photographer seemed to be a bit taken aback as the Goguma couple were getting into it and playing nonstop. Afterwards, they brought out Dduk Bokki!!!!!!!! (^_^) Of course another flashback back when they had Dduk Bokki together played again.

Now the part we’ve all been waiting for! The photographer suggested that Seohyun should kiss Yonghwa on the cheek. Now as you can see Seohyun didn’t really seem to mind kissing Yonghwa on the cheek, while Yonghwa was actually acting all weird (See, my theory actually makes a lot of sense, I think Yonghwa has true feelings for Seohyun). For their one-on-one interviews, Seohyun talked about kissing Yonghwa on the cheek and she didn’t seem too fazed. Yonghwa seemed happy!

Afterwards they left the photo studio (The actual building has an awesome café where a lot of people go for “SUN” which is Korean matchmaking keke). Outside it was cold and Seohyun kept talking about the need to wear scarfs, and she actually had knit one herself for Yonghwa! Before she gave it to him however, Yonghwa had already guessed that he would be receiving one. He shouldn’t have done this… a big nono for Korean dating 101 (Even if you know whatever gift your significant other is going to give you, guys, act surprised no matter what and NEVER guess what she got you).

Now making a scarf takes a lot of time and dedication, and Seohyun must have REALLY wanted to show her appreciation. Of course, my crooked mind was thinking about articles I’ve read regarding knitting and DUN DUN DUN!!! “The Sweater Curse.” This curse is also called the “curse of the love sweater” and when someone knits their significant other a sweater that person will quickly break up with the knitter. So after seeing Seohyun give the gift to Yonghwa, here I was thinking about the sweater curse, and wondering if there was also a similar curse for scarfs… Anyways, stay tuned as I continue to post more Goguma Couple recaps! Hope you guys had a great weekend :).