Sung Yuri – Troublemaking High School Student

Sung Yuri of Fin.K.L., one of the original kpop girl groups, transformed into a high school student for her new KBS2 drama Romance Town. However, she’s not the typical innocent and pure high school student of kdramas. Instead, she’s a troublemaker with a quite a temper. On April 10th, Sung Yuri filmed her scenes as a high school student for Romance Town.

Despite being thirty, Sung Yuri still showed off her youthful beauty in her school uniform. Known for her beauty and easy-going attitude, fans are anticipating her transformation from a “fairy” (the nickname from her Fin.K.L. days) to a “tough and determined “housemaid.” Sung Yuri’s character No Soon Geum will work as a housemaid for a chaebol family. Romance Town will air May 11th once Thorn Birds ends.

The drama aims to show the audience that while money can drive humans; ultimately, love prevails in the end. It’ll be interesting to see how Sung Yuri rebels and falls hopelessly in love in her new drama Romance Town.

Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi