Hyunbin = Noh Hong Chul?

Hyun Bin = Noh Hong Cheol?

On April 11th MBC Radio FM4U’s “Nog Hong Chul’s Best Friends” homepage had a picture titled “Noh Hong Chul and Hyunbin’s relationship.”

This picture was introduced on the Radio DJ broadcast, and basically it’s a photo shop of Hyunbin’s training picture. Yellow hair and a goatee are added to Hyunbin’s picture but doing that it’s surprisingly similar to Noh Hong Chul.

The reason this picture was created is because somebody on the radio broadcast talked about how he heard that somebody he knew said that Hyunbin’s training appearance looks somewhat similar to DJ Noh Hong Chul.

Netizens are commenting, “Wow, two people can look the same because of blonde hair,” and “Should we recognize that Noh Hong Chul is good looking?”