Running Man and Qualifications of a Man vs I Am a Singer

The production team for SBS’s “Running Man” and KBS 2TV’s “Qualifications of a Man” are planning ahead in order to take on MBC’s “Survival: I Am a Singer” which will begin broadcast again on May 1st.

“Running Man” is currently loved by people in age groups from 10~20s and the production team is planning to change the direction of the show in order to appeal to people from their 30~40s. “Running Man’s” Chief Producer said that although the type of format has been appealing to the younger crowd, in order for the older crowd to enjoy the show we will change the direction of the editing and also try to make the chasing and being chased process of the show more meaningful.

“Qualifications of a Man’s” viewership currently overlaps with those of “Survival: I Am a Singer.” Currently the production team for “Qualifications of a Man” is accepting auditions until April 24th for a new choir. Last year the “Qualification of a Man’s” choir had an explosive amount of popularity and now KBS is planning to do this again in order to compete with “Survival: I Am a Singer.”

Viewers of the shows are anticipating the changes that will occur.