Young Turks Club to Come Back!

Young Turks Club is reorganizing their members and coming back after three years!

According to YTC on April 15th they will release their new single “Arise.” Therefore it has been three years because their 8th album (which was their last one) was released on June, 2008.

For their 8th album they had the original members such as Choi Seung Min, Park Sung Hyun, Ji Jun Gu, and Han Hyun Nam. However this time around there is only Choi Seung Min, Park Sung Hyun, and now Lee Min Kyung who will take on the vocals. Young Turk’s Club will now be a three person group.

Young Turks Club is now striving to perform classier and trendier songs. They said, that they would show a performance that they’ve been preparing during this time.

The new single “Arise” is produced by Aroo & Paul, a rap feature by Dustin, and the chorus by Davis.

Young Turks Club will also use this new album in order to begin producing. They will manage a new group called Junior Young Turks in order to find and train new artists.