April Snow and Sung Yuri on the Set of “Romance Town”

A small townhouse community just outside of Seoul was met with an unexpected snowfall on a sunny April day. Unexpected as it was, the snowfall was not pure coincidence as it was on the set of Sung Yuri and Jung Gyeo Won’s new drama Romance Town. Sung Yuri plays No Soon Geum, a feisty housemaid of a chaebol. During the snowy scene, Sung Yuri shows off her lovely charms as she awaits a letter from someone special. Her genuine and innocent expressions were enough to make anyone’s heart flutter, creating a picture perfect moment.

Representatives of the drama stated, “We can’t yet reveal the identity of the letter sender, but that special someone has a huge impact on Soon Geum’s life.” They also described romance town as a place full of romance and excitement, befitting the drama’s title. Sung Yuri and Jung Gyeo Won’s characters meet as maid and owner respectively but will develop a romantic relationship with each other. While the drama’s former title Maids suited the story, the new title Romance Town is more in line with the cute and trendy feel of Sung Yuri and the plot of the drama. Romance Town premieres on May 11th.


Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi