Taeyeon Grabbed by Stranger at Angel Price Music Festival

A surprising and alarming event occurred at the Angel Price Music Festival. During SNSD’s performance of “Run Devil Run,” an unidentified man entered from backstage and grabbed Taeyeon, pulling her off-stage. SNSD member Sunny was quick to act and tried to stop the man as shown below. Security guards did not respond promptly because the man was backstage with the possibility of being part of staff. However the unknown man was detained soon after by police and security.

(Taeyeon is grabbed at 3:41 and resists; Sunny follows and persists on stopping the act 3:55)


Despite the shock as seen on Taeyeon’s face, she returned to the stage and performed “Hoot” and “Gee” with the rest of SNSD. Netizens applaud Taeyeon for her professionalism and positive attitude. Let’s hope that future events can provide adequate security for both performers and the audience.

cr: SNSD Thread, Soshified, dorkvicky@YouTube
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