[Recap] Night After Night Episode 22

Recap: “Night After Night” Episode 22

The guests were Alex, Kim Dong Wan, Seulong, Taecyeon, and Wooyoung

The theme for the guests was singers that also had acting experiences. The guests were Alex, Kim Dong Wan, Seulong, Taecyeon, and Wooyoung. Kim Dong Wan appeared on the movie “Taekwon Boys” with Hyunbin, Alex appeared on the dramas “Pasta,” “Smile Donghae,” and he is well known for washing his virtual wife’s feet on “We Got Married.” (For this a saying was made after him, whenever someone is being too good for their girlfriend people will say “You’re pulling an Alex”) Taecyeon appeared on “Cinderalla’s Sister.” He appeared on Taecyeon with Wooyoung on “Dream High.” Seulong appeared on “Personal Tastes.”

Taecyeon and his relationship with Moon Geun Young

They began to ask questions to Taecyeon trying to instigate him in order to say something on the lines of “Dream High was successful because of [me]” or anything about his relationship with Moon Geun Young. Wooyoung and Seulong confessed that Taecyeon actually brags a lot.  The MC’s began to badger Taecyeon about how he didn’t want to be cast in “Dream High” at first. Taecyeon tried to defend himself and he was definitely under pressure (He was laughing all weird). In the beginning supposedly, Moon Geun Young didn’t want Taecyeon to act in “Cinderella’s Sister.” Taecyeon asked around for opinions on whether he should act or not and his mother told him, “People already have said bad things about you because of your scandal, even if you aren’t good at acting you won’t hear worse things.”

Taecyeon talked about his first meeting with Moon Geun Young and how he was extremely late. Therefore, Moon Geun Young made him drink a lot and Wooyoung talked about the aftermath. (When Taecyeon was wasted)

They asked Seulong about anything he knew about Moon Geun Young and Taecyeon. But he was hesitant and looking at Taecyeon’s reaction before talking unless Wooyoung would say something. Basically there wasn’t much substance to the questioning, but Taecyeon merely reiterated his friendship with Moon Geun Young.

Taecyeon also admitted later (when Seulong was being questioned) that he would like to get close to Ha Ji Won because he was a big fan of her since he was young, and also a big fan of the drama “Secret Garden.”

Towards the end of the show Taecyeon and Daesung did a scene together from Secret Garden. (It is Taecyeon’s favorite show)


The MCs teased Alex about his famous scene in WGM when he washed his virtual wife’s feet. Alex told everyone that after his scene, Korean guys came up with a saying, whenever a guy is too good to his girlfriend they say “You are pulling an Alex.”

He’s the best at doing “lying down” scenes (which basically means bed scenes). Alex confessed that when he first began to act he had to wear a lot of heel inserts, the first time he was acting he said he felt like he was “lifting off” because he had worn so many. The reason he was well known for being good at bed scenes is a combination of his general demeanor and acting experiences.

Other times when he was acting he would make NGs, but when he was doing a bed scene for the first time he finished perfectly. Supposedly the director said that you are very good at bed scenes.

When Alex gets tired, he confessed that his eyes look a little seductive. Kim Jae Dong talked about an incident today in the waiting room. He saw a writer walk out and it seemed like all her chi had left her, when he inquried she replied that “this is what happens to you after you talk to Alex.”  Alex also talked about his public relationship.

Kim Dong Wan

Kim Dong Wan talked about his meeting girlfriends in secret. He didn’t reveal who he dated but it was a celebrity and he gave a letter to one celebrity girlfriend. He also said that the celebrity girlfriend in question also liked the letter.

His reasoning was “I’m not afraid of dating you.” (Even though it might be dangerous if we get caught, I’m not afraid of that, when he talked about giving letters to his celebrity girlfriend)

It’s important to tell your group members that you are going out with somebody in case a love triangle forms.

Jaedong also slipped while he was questioning and briefly talked about dating a celebrity. He said that when you are secretively dating somebody that is not a celebrity she might feel that she means nothing to you. Therefore, you must be thankful to whoever you are dating. Then Seulong attacked Jaedong saying “What if your girlfriend didn’t want to admit going out with you?”

He said that he never got criticized whenever he acted. Then the singers talked about how before acting they would always hear “You are no longer part of your [group].” (Only focus on acting). However, before Kim Dong Wan had got into acting a KBS person high up the ladder told him “Forget that you are H.O.T.”

Wooyoung and his relationship with IU

Daesung began to talk with Wooyoung about IU and them eating dinner together. Wooyoung explained that it was because he was trying to get close to her in order for the acting atmosphere during “Dream High” to be less awkward. Wooyoung had heard that IU was very careful and hard to get close to. He asked Seulong to talk to IU for him, and Seulong texted “I hope that you two become closer.” IU replied in her text “I’m sorry but I doubt that we’ll ever get close.” Taecyeon confessed that they only got close at the end.

Eventually they got closer and Wooyoung ate dinner twice with IU. Wooyoung talked about an incident with Wooyoung once and she had jokingly asked Wooyoung to buy dinner and be a cool guy. Wooyoung took it seriously and bought the extremely expensive dinner. Wooyoung was extremely angry over that incident but eventually got closer to IU and they finished “Dream High” successfully.

Seulong and his visiting a female actors room with another female actor?!?!

Kim Jae Dong was extremely funny by making an incident that was not controversial at all become more controversial. (Koreans call this method fishing, the same when titles for certain articles on newspaper are scandalous and misleading on purpose) Kim Jae Dong asked Seulong to only answer with yes or no. He asked him “Did you ever go into a female actor’s room at night?” “Did you get a call from another girl and go into that girls room” Seulong answered the affirmative for both questions and Kim Jae Dong said that the show was now over.

Seulong was panicking while asking Kim Jae Dong to please ask more questions. Kim Jae Dong did this once more. Seulong finally got the chance to explain and he had got the call from Lee Min Jung and went together into Son Ye Jin’s room.

The show ended with Kim Jae Dong getting white powder all over him.

Personal Thoughts

It’s always interesting to see celebrities that wouldn’t usually interact with each other all come out on the same show and talk about rumors or things they have heard amongst their circles. Whenever a guest was on the spotlight the other guests were eager to divulge more of their secrets (However I’m quite sure that there was a lot that wasn’t mentioned). Also, the format of the show is quite entertaining with one side of the show acting like they are part of a congressional hearing. I never noticed before but Seulong is quite the charmer on talk shows. The interaction between Wooyoung and Taecyeon is quite enjoyable but I’m starting to get sick of Taecyeon’s concept which is too nice (He is too one dimensional).

Best Question Tak Jae Hoon to Teacyeon “Who do you like better, the one you have a scandal with or Moon Geun Young?”

Funny Moment Yonghwa speaking Busan english, “Good Morning~” and “Is it my turn already~” (When Wooyoung was talking about how it was difficult to speak English, Wooyoung and Yonghwa are both from Busan and speak a different dialect of Korean).

Revealing Moment: Seulong actually turned down JYP and Wooyoung auditioned for the Wonder Girls.

Unfunny Comments Kim Dong Wan “IU is YalmIU” (Yal Mi Yoo sounds like you are a wretch/naughty, and it also rhymes with IU -__-)

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