Hyunbin’s Military Training Documentary

Hyunbin’s military photos have been popular on the internet but now they are going to make his training into a documentary! The documentary will be broadcast on April 27th on KTV. On KBS it will be broadcast on May 1st through “Docu Sam-Il.” KFN will re-edit the clips from “Docu Sam-Il” and release them this coming June.

Because of all the interest in Hyunbin’s military training photos the Marines have promised to continue showing pictures of him training. A Korean Marines staff member said “There were many requests from all over the place and we have decided to open up to KFN, KTV, and KBS.

KTV and KBS have filmed Hyunbin’s training for four days in a documentary format. Although there won’t be a special interview, Hyunbin’s impressions and thoughts about the military training will be revealed.

Now according to the “Docu Sam-Il” PD, “Although the documentary will contain Hyunbin training, he is not the main role or main subject, the documentary is about marines and their training.”

After Hyunbin finishes a introductory ceremony on the 22nd he will have four days and five nights of vacation, then he will be re-assigned to Baek Ryung Do 6, and receive more training.