“Superstar K3” Exceeds 1.35 Million Applicants

The third season of Mnet’s popular audition program “Superstar K” has received more than 1.35 million applications in a little over 40 days, breaking the previous record of 1.346 million set during the second season of the show. “If we keep up this pace, we’ll get more than 2 million submissions by the final day of applications, which is June 28th. That means ‘Superstar K3’ will open up a new era of 2 million applicants for an audition program,” an official from Mnet told local media.

“Superstar K3” started receiving applications since Mar. 10th and got nearly 500,000 submissions in the first 24 hours. It took almost two months (Mar. 2nd, 2010 to Jun. 3rd, 2010) for “Superstar K2” to reach 1.346 million applications, so the popularity of the show has definitely been growing. “We decided to produce the ‘Superstar K’ series under the goal of uniting Koreans through the power of music. And last year through ‘Superstar K2,’ we saw real hope in Korean pop music as so many people gathered around TVs on Friday nights to catch the latest episode of the show,” the Mnet official said. “This year too we’re seeing tons of applications, taking us a step closer to realizing our dream. It’s our goal to produce a fair music show that everybody can truly enjoy,” the official added.

“Superstar K3” will take applications until June 28th through ARS calls (1600-0199) or UCC entries (www.superstark.co.kr). Following preliminary rounds, “Superstar K3” will air its first episode on Aug. 12th and the last show on Nov. 11th, when the final winner will be determined. If you haven’t already, it may be time for you to try your luck since the winner takes home half a billion won (450,000 USD) and a real shot at KPOP stardom!