Kim Tae Hee Is Honest About Her Looks, Photographs Perfectly (Again)

Kim Tae Hee was photographed and interviewed for the May issue of Cosmopolitan. The genetically-blessed actress, who routinely tops polls of most beautiful celebrities, was candid about her physical appearance.

“I’m used to being called a pretty woman. Of course, I don’t have any privacy, and it’s very frustrating to try to live quietly. But the truth is, I think I’d be a bit sad if I were to have a normal appearance and lifestyle,” she admitted.

The actress then addressed the critiques of her acting ability, which has in the past been labeled as wooden and inexpressive. She said, “Some faces are able to express certain emotions well, and some faces fit some characters pretty well, but even though my face can’t handle all the characters I play, I’m still pretty satisfied that I’ll be able to find a role that suits me.”

The media is praising Kim Tae Hee for being honest, rather than assuming false modesty about her flawless face. However, we think it’s only natural — if you looked like Kim Tae Hee, could you really say that you were anything other than happy with your looks?

The photoshoot had a water theme. It’s definitely a different side of Kim Tae Hee — very mature and sexy! What do you think of it?


Source: Cosmopolitan, Newsen