SNSD Taeyeon Kidnapping – Brave Sunny Steps Up

We brought you the news about how Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) was grabbed by an unidentified man mid-performance at the Angel Price Music Festival on April 17th. Then we told you how Taeyeon decided not to press charges against the man. But did you notice fellow member Sunny courageously stepping up to block the man?

At the time, Sunny was dancing right next to Taeyeon. Once she realized the situation, Sunny stopped dancing, followed Taeyeon and the man offstage, and interfered with the incident. Many fan videos captured her courageous act, and she’s been in the spotlight since.

Her firm, decisive, and honorable attitude in handling the situation has earned her praises and even more fans. Many netizens’ (Korean jargon for citizens on the net = net+izens) comments praising Sunny have surfaced the internet, and they include: “Sunny’s amazing!” “I wish I had a friend like her!” “Her actions were brave, and you can tell she wasn’t afraid of the situation.” “She didn’t even hesitate one second before taking action.”

Taeyeon was able to break free from the stranger with the help of Sunny, comedian Oh Jung Tae, and security guards without any harm. Both Taeyeon and Sunny returned to the stage to continue their remaining two performances to Hoot and Gee.

It’s been said that the unidentified man is actually a college student. Coupang, the social commerce business that put together the Angel Price Music Festival, released an official apology regarding the incident and stated that fans who purchased the concert tickets through Coupang will receive a full refund. Currently, Taeyeon is taking a short break to recover from the happening.