U-Kiss is Heading for the Top!

U-Kiss is heading for the top!

U-Kiss’ new song “0330” has entered the top 10 broadcasting charts within two weeks. On “Hantuh Chart” which is online album sales counting website, their new album is on the top lists. U-Kiss has appeared on various live shows after their comeback and has moved past their image of being merely “Dance Idols” and has now shown their impressive live skills.

U-Kiss is also getting love calls from overseas. Currently their albums have had more than 40,000 album orders overseas. Recently on KBS2’s April 15th “Music Bank” there were U-Kiss fans from France that caught a lot of attention. These tourists/fans have come to Korea matching U-Kiss’ schedule while staying for one to two weeks. Whenever U-Kiss does not have a schedule, these fans will travel around Korea.

NH Media shared, “After the new album was released whenever there was an album release broadcast schedule, we would get foreign fans from Japan, China, and France visiting us.”

U-Kiss have stated, “In the past we would only get to meet foreign fans whenever we went overseas, however lately, there are a lot of fans that are coming to Korea. We think it’s a very positive fact that Korea is being introduced through us. Thank you to all the fans that come to see us.”