The Girls Of SNSD Turn Stylish For Marie Claire!

Recently, the members of Girl’s Generation gathered together for a photo shoot for the Korean Magazine, Marie Claire. However, what was different about this shoot was that each member would have a chance to have their own cover for the magazine. The members of the group displayed their innocent but feminine side to show the photo shoot’s concept of “Purity,” which can be seen in their ruffled/laced dresses.

A representative from the magazine stated, “Every fan will be able to buy a magazine with their favorite SNSD member on the cover. We expect these magazines to be hot items.”

Project stylist Kim Woo Ri added and complemented the girls, “Normally, there are a lot of girlish and fancy styles, but SNSD was able to exhibit the innocent concept the best.”

You can check out the special edition issues of SNSD in Marie Claire for the May issue available on April 20th.

External from soompi image

External from soompi image

External from soompi image

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Credit: Nate