Won Bin Caught Lying About His Drinking!

Won Bin has been known as a light weight for alcohol as it has been known that he can only take two to three shots of soju. However, on a beer commercial for Hite the staff seemed to think otherwise. Last month (March) Won Bin was selected as the Hite Beer’s “Dry Finish D” model and finished filming the CF. Starting on April 21st the commercial will begin to be aired as “The Freshness of Beer.”

On March 29th Won Bin kept drinking bottles of beer making each one seem like it was the first one he was having, and the staff were impressed.

Won Bin drank a lot of bottles while he was filming the commercial and the staff exclaimed, “I think he was lying about being a lightweight.”

A source from Hite’s marketing department stated, “Won Bin has shown sharp charisma through different movies and drama and we believed that he was a good fit with Dry Finish D’s image.