Park Ji Yoon Drama Comeback through “Try Lying to Me”

The singer/actress Park Ji Yoon is cast for the new Monday/Tuesday drama “Try Lying to Me.” It has been four years since Park Ji Yoon’s last drama which was SBS’s “Bichunmoo” in 2008.

Park Ji Yoon will be playing a character of the same name, who is a manager of H Hotel. She has the utmost trust of character Ki Jun (Played by Kang Ji Hwan) who is the CEO of H Hotel. Park Ji Yoon’s character is a workaholic that will choose work over love anyday.

Park Ji Yoon stated, “I am very nervous because I have come back to the TV with a great drama. The filming atmosphere is very great and I am anticipating the future even more.” Also she stated, “I wish to become one step closer to viewers as an actor through this drama, and I will try my best.”

This romantic comedy “Try Lying to Me” will have its first broadcast on May 9th.