Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” MV + Storyline

The long awaited for Park Bom single “Don’t Cry” MV has been released.  Having worked with YG Entertainment we are pleased to give you the story line of the MV, written by Soompi with the storyline inputs from YG Entertainment.


The MV is themed after a lost love, and plays out like a short movie of another meeting with her (Park Bom’s) love.

Park Bom is portrayed as a celebrity in the MV in the midst of a photo shoot.  She reminisces of a man, her boyfriend, (emphasized by her “Couple Ring” she is wearing) as she prepares for her photo shoot.  Unknown to the viewer is that this man has already passed away and she is thinking about her long lost love. 

As she sits in the car she sees an illusion of her love disappearing into the mist of the set.  She runs off the set chasing after this illusion.  She is led down a stony corridor towards an unknown door and steps into a new world which represents a state of purgatory.  As she walks into this world she is led by a butterfly, another form of her boyfriend, into a rustic garden.  As the butterfly disappears her lost love appears standing afar waiting for her. 

She runs into his arms, but soon realizes that this is her final goodbye as he gives her his promise ring.  He turns back into the form of a butterfly and flies off.  The lyrics to the song state “see you in the next world” as you are left with the image of her returning back to reality but this time with both rings in hand. 

Here is the MV “Don’t Cry””

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Content: This story line has been written by Soompi with YG Entertainment.  The storyline has been linked from YG Entertainment’s YouTube channel.  If you would like to use this content please link this source article or YG Entertainment’s YouTube channel which also has the link posted. 

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