Celeb Style File: Ha Ji Won

Celeb Style File is our weekly in-depth look at a celebrity’s real-life style.  For our debut article, we’ve chosen to feature the gorgeous Ha Ji Won.  Why her, you ask?  Well, to be honest, we just really loved her in “Secret Garden”.  We miss that drama a lot!  In lieu of watching the hilarious Episode 6 over and over again, we think it’s nice just to see her in action.

Ha Ji Won is one of the few celebrities who really displays a consistent and distinct personal style.  She doesn’t often experiment with different themes and looks, and she doesn’t dress like everyone else in the room.  This actress, who made her name playing every kick-butt role from ancient-era policewoman to modern-day stuntwoman, shows the same edge in her sartorial choices.  We might describe her look as “glam tomboy”.  She favors lots of black, always form-fitting, the better to show off that fabulous toned figure.  For more casual events, some tough jackets that might have been lifted from Gil Ra Im’s wardrobe.  And as for shoes — well, why wear boring pumps when you can instead rock serious footwear such as boots and killer strappy stilettos? 

As for hair and makeup, that’s where the “tomboy” part kicks in, because Ha Ji Won keeps it simple.  For the past half-year, she’s maintained a short hairstyle (although this might have just been due to her drama shootings).  And the Olay spokeswoman knows to let her glowing complexion do its own work. 

We’ve gathered up a collection of her red-carpet looks over the past six months.  We like some better than others, but even at her worst, we kind of love that you can look at her and say, “That’s an outfit Ha Ji Won would wear!”  What do you think?

At an Olay event

With Hyun Bin and Philip Lee

At an Olay autograph session

At the premiere of “Warrior’s Way”

At the 2010 SBS Drama Awards

At the premiere of “My Black Minidress”

At the premiere of “I Am a Dad”

At the Mulberry Spring 2011 fashion show

Any notable hits or misses?  Personally, our pick for least favorite is the long coat/denim shorts combo at the Mulberry fashion show, while our favorite might actually have to be the outfit she wore to the premiere of “I Am a Dad”.  But we love all the edgy short black dresses too.  Totally suits her.

That wraps it up for the debut article of Celeb Style File!  If you have any suggestions for us to feature upcoming celebrities, please leave us a comment!

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