Girls’ Generation vs. ENDo Generation: Better than the Original? You Decide!

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) has been all the rage in Korea and Japan. Recently, a group called ENDo Generation has been surfacing the internet for their ability to perfectly reenact Girls’ Generation’s choreographies.

ENDo Generation is already quite popular with Japanese fans. It’s a group of nine co-ed dancers who get together to work on Girls’ Generation’s dances. They go by the name ENDo Generation only when all nine of their members come together to practice and perform. The dancers’ names also play off of Girls’ Generation’s names like Ressica, Sachiffany, and ENDo Yoon A.

Their YouTube videos have also been explosively popular. Some of the comments include: “you guys are super professional and MEGA cute <3,” “amazing,” and “I’m a SONE, & I love this! Glad that SNSD’s popularity in Japan has encouraged you guys to do these awesome dances! Love the humor in your dance choreos!”

Some of the dances ENDo Generation has managed to perfect include Gee, Visual Dream, Oh!, and Hoot. They’ve managed to reenact Girls’ Generation from choreographies to stage costumes.  ENDo Generation participated in Shibuya’s K-pop dance event called Dream On! last January and have quite a large fan base. They communicate with their fans through their official twitter ( and YouTube account ( youkitoryu). ENDo Generation is a group of hard-core fans who show their love by mimicking the Girls’ Generation. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

What do you think? Are they as good as our beloved Girls’ Generation?

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