Song Hye Gyo’s Perfect & Blemish-free Skin

When the two words: beauty and glamorous body is given the first thought that comes to most Koreans’ mind is Song Hye Gyo. South Korea’s representative of beauty and glamorous body is actress, Song Hye Gyo.

As the model of ‘Lanegie’, Song Hye Gyo has shined with her baby-like, blemish-free, and perfect skin in their new advertisement, “Supreme Water Foundation”.

In the photo, Song Hye Gyo has long, way hair and collarbone-showing top. She wore only pink lipstick and her beauty still stood out with the minimum makeup.

Last March 22nd, Song Hye Gyo finished her movie filming “Today”. Right after, she left for Europe for the CF shooting. On the 10th of April, she attended the cosmetic products’ open sessions in Beijing. Currently, she is resting after her return to Korea.

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