Park Si Yeon Shows off Sexy + innocence in ‘Vogue Girl’

Last month, Park Si Yeon released a statement of being in a relationship with a man four years older and works with trade business.

In the recent makeup advertisement, Park Si Yeon has shown her femininity.

In fashion magazine ‘Vogue Girl’, Park Si Yeon was photographed with the latest MAC makeup and trendy spring makeup.

From the beginning of her debut, Park Si Yeon was known and loved by fans for her doll-like face and glamorous body. Through this advertisement, she became the spring goddess through the portrayal of sexy, sweet, and innocent charms.

Park Si Yeon’s makeup artist stated, “The combination of Park Si Yeon’s attractive lips and MAC lipstick can capture a variety of looks: sexy, natural, youthful, trendy, and sweet”.

Park Si Yeon’s recent photoshoot will be released in ‘Vogue Girl’ May edition.


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